The Camera Club of Laguna Woods Village conducts several Digital Critiques per year, concluding with a Year-End Competition to select the year’s best images in each submission category, plus Special Judge’s awards.

The periodic Critiques offer members the ability to submit their images and have them critiqued by a professional photographer. The Critiques provide members with insight on photographic composition, exposure and lighting, color management, post-processing and other techniques to improve their skills as a photographer.

Due to COVID-19, Critiques are currently held via Zoom. All Club Members receive advance email notifications with dates, submission deadlines, rules, and the Zoom link. The Critique schedule is listed below and on the Club Calendar.

Completed Critiques are available in the “All Critiques Menu” at top right of this page.

The two most recent years of Critiques are available directly in the menu. Prior Critiques are available on the ‘Archived Critiques” page.

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2023 Critique Schedule

Scored Digital Critiques, with Special Categories:

  • January 23: Night
  • March 27: Macro
  • May 22: Minimalism
  • July 24: WaterWater photography refers to any photo that emphasizes water as a compelling visual element. It includes water in liquid form, water vapor, ice, steam, fog, snow, rain, and water droplets, as long as water, in any of its states, is the main subject of the photo. Reflections, puddles, bubbles, foam, splashes and sprays are all eligible. When other elements are visible in the image, such as people walking on the beach, or a dog lapping water from a bowl, they should not overpower the impact of the water in the image.
  • September 25: CandidCandid Photography is a genre of photography that spontaneously captures the organic, genuine, and unposed moments of a subject. Candid photos may not be posed: They show people in unguarded moments unaware that a photograph is being taken.
  • October 23: TransportationTransportation includes all means of assistance in getting from one place to another. The category includes cars, boats, trains, planes, skateboards, surfboards, bikes, baby carriages, horseback scenes and piggy-back

Submission Rules

Please follow these new rules carefully for image size, ppi, naming conventions, and Special Category guidelines. Send your images to the email address in the Rules PDF.

2023 Digital Critique Submission Rules (PDF)

Submit images no later than 5:00 PM the Wednesday before the event.

“Non-Scored” submissions are allowed for all Critiques. See the “Non-Scoring Judging” section below, and the Submission Rules PDF for details.

Judges & Scoring

Scored Critiques are evaluated by one Judge, who provides comments and gives a score for each image. The Judge presents these results “live” (Zoom) at the Critique meeting while the images are displayed by category, with titles, but no photographer names.

The Judges are recognized professional photographers, and are not members of the Club.

Our scoring system is based on points:

  • 9 = Excellent
  • 8 and 8.5 = Good
  • 7 and 7.5 = Average
  • 6 and 6.5 = Below Average

All photographs scored as a “9” are exhibited on the Club web site by category, along with the image title, and the photographer’s name.

The scoring system:

  • Provides immediate evalution and recognition
  • Helps participants determine their best images for entry in the Year-End Competiton
  • Determines high points scorers for Year-End Awards

Non-Scored Judging

“Non-Scored” submissions are allowed for all Critiques.

For Non-Scored photographs, Judges provide constructive comments but do not score the images. Titles do display during the Critique, but the photographer’s name will not be displayed at any time.

Refer to the Submission Rules PDF (above) for guidance on how to submit entries for Non-Scored critiques.

Other Events

Other Club events for submitting photographs are the Year-End Competition, Annual Print Competition, and Annual Slide / Video Competition.

For details, go to the Other Events Page.

View the 2022 Year-End Awards.


If you need any assistance, please email