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March Critique

The Critique this month was presented in a Zoom meeting, which was recorded. All submitted images, with written comments by the Judge, were saved as a PowerPoint slide show.

Zoom Meeting

YouTube Meeting Video

Slide Show

March Critique Entries (PDF: 23 MB).
Note that this large file may download slowly to your computer.

Critique Scores

Entries and scores are available in the following PDF files, grouped by Category.

The Judge this month was Larry Vogel

High Scoring Images

High scoring images were awarded 9 points or better by the Judge. “High scoring” images are displayed at the top of this page, and are listed below by Category, in alphabetical order by the Maker’s name.

Artistic Expression

  • Lawrie Bau – Glammor Gal
  • Ken Furuta – A Mystery Call
  • Bette Harper – Flower Fantasy
  • George Harper – Big Leaves


  • Larry Goodman – I Have My Eye On You
  • Bette Harper – It’s a Ford


  • Mike Bray – Snowy Egret
  • Jim Ekbom – Jadera
  • Lara Ferraro – Keeping Watch
  • Ken Furuta – Where’s My Breakfast
  • Larry Goodman – Not Your Every Day Pussycat
  • George Harper – Early Morning Flight
  • Raymond LaBelle – Defying Gravity
  • Louise Stuart – Lone Hunter In The Drifts
  • Louise Stuart – But Mom-You Said I Could Play in the Mud

Special Subject: Macro

  • Ken Furuta – Crimson Curves
  • Pat Patti – Elegant Point
  • Jack Salvador – Tim Burton Cake