Pro Bono Outreach

The Camera Club has a long history of providing pro-bono photography for deserving organizations. This practice was derailed by Covid-19, but is being revived by the Club!

An example of groups helped by the Camera Club in the past include the Village “Senior Games” (sports), and charity performances by the Village “Clown Alley” Club.

Request Pro-Bono Photography

Contact the Camera Club via this email link to request pro-bono work.
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Deserving Organizations
The primary criteria for the Club to consider pro-bono work is that the group, or organization, itself works to benefit the community, society, and individuals – either in the Village or surrounding towns – usually at no-cost or very low-cost. IF not in the Village, groups or organizations should be within a reasonable driving distance.


Join the Team

The Club are open to any and all members joining the Pro Bono Team.

To sign up, complete the Outreach Intake Form at the bottom of this page.


Suggest Organizations / Provide Feedback

If you have any suggestions for organizations to contact, or have comments/feedback email us at: Outreach Suggestions

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