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March Critique

The Critique this month had 27 members participate (view list).

83 total images were submitted: 82 Scored, 1 Non-Scored.

The Judge this month was Kim Signoret-Paar.

High scoring images are displayed above, “Other Submitted Images” are displayed below.

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Critique Scores by Category

Images in the galleries are identified by the category in which they were submitted.
(Artistic Expression = “A”, Monochrome = “M”, Nature = “N”, Open Color = “O”, Sports = “S”, Special Subject = “SS”)

Entries and scores are available in the following PDF files, grouped by Category.

  • Altered Reality
  • Monochrome
  • Nature
  • Open Color
  • Sports
  • Special Subject: “Yellow”
    “As one of the oldest pigments used by humans, the spectrum of attributes associated with yellow are wide ranging. Yellow is associated with the sun, warmth, energy, and radiance. As a result, yellow has inherited connotations of power, knowledge, imperishability, and status. Frida Kahlo called yellow the color of the sun and joy, but also “of madness, sickness, and fear”. It is the color of warning. Your image must include the color yellow. Yellow does not need to be the dominant color in the image, but it must impact the finished photograph, either aesthetically, or symbolically, or both.”.

The Judge this month was Kim Signoret-Paar

High Scoring Images

High scoring images were awarded by the Judge. “High scoring” images are displayed at the top of this page, and are listed below by Category, in alphabetical order by the Maker’s name.

Altered Reality

  • Esther Spektor – Midight Dew


  • George Harper – Graphic in Stone
  • John Cornell – Sand Waves
  • Ken Furuta – The Power of the Penny


  • Susan Brown-Matsumoto – Art in Nature
  • Mike Bray – Flower Power
  • Ken Furuta – Vivid!

Open Color

  • Brad Friesen – HARPA Concert Hall
  • John Cornell – Morning Haze
  • Ken Furuta – Singapore Sunset
  • Susan Brown-Matsumoto – Tiny Tim
  • Pat Patti – Vegas Sphere
  • Bette Harper – View From Stepto Butte


  • Valarie Cleave – Born to Surf

Special Subject: “Yellow”

  • Larry Goodman – The Shelby Mustang
  • Esther Spektor – Yellow Beauties

All Submitting Members (27)

  • Anonymous – Unscored (1)
  • Mike Bray
  • Betsy Cobb-Seliga
  • Rodney Cooper
  • John Cornell
  • Marylyn Crichton
  • Brad Friesen
  • Ken Furuta
  • Thomas Getz
  • Gwen Ginnochio
  • Larry Goodman
  • Diane Hall
  • Bette Harper
  • George Harper
  • Myrna Keitges
  • A.J. Lane
  • Keith Leonin
  • Mary Madden
  • Susan Brown-Matsumoto
  • Greg Patti
  • Pat Patti
  • Myra Posner
  • Judy Rossi
  • Jack Salvador
  • Esther Spektor
  • Kathleen Tigue
  • Valerie Van Cleave


Other Submitted Images

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