Camera Club events, classes, workshops, and facilities are supported solely through Club Member volunteers. Please consider volunteering – your participation will be welcomed and greatly appreciated.

Volunteer opportunities for our seven(7) committees/teams are listed below:

Lab/Digital Facilities Team

Administer and manage the Digital Photo Lab and Fred Granger Learning Center facilities.

Staff the Club facility in Clubhouse 4 to assist Villagers in the use of the equipment and assist with photographic inquiries.

  • Conduct training for Lab Supervisors
  • Procure and maintain necessary equipment for the Laboratory
  • Procure and maintain necessary software for the Laboratory
  • Procure and maintain inventory of Digital Photo Lab supplies

Interested? Please email: cameraclub@cameraclublwv.org

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee welcomes and signs in guests attending the general club meetings. Guests who are residents of the Village are offered the opportunity to join the Club.

Staffs the Non-Member Welcome table at our Showcases and Critiques greeting our guests as they arrive at our events.

It receives all membership applications both new and renewals and maintains the club’s data base.

Committee members establish and maintain contact with prospective members and assist them in joining the club.

If you like to have contact with many of your neighbors and can spend 1 – 2 hours once or twice a month, please consider joining this committee.

Interested? Please email: membership@cameraclublwv.org

Digital Critiques Team

One of the major functions of your Camera Club is to hold professional evaluations of your digital photos.

The head of the Critiques Team is responsible for contacting and scheduling the judges for the critiques, sends the images to them prior to the critique, receives and sends the results to the Webmaster for publication on the website, requests and makes sure that the judge is paid for his/her services.

Order the awards for the year-end dinner awards presentation.

Sets up the Year End print display.

Is responsible for publication of each event in a timely manner.

This activity requires that a team of members be trained to perform the following tasks:

  • Receive the images
  • Sort the images into a Power Point program
  • Publish scoring tally sheets in Excel
  • Set up the equipment on the evening of the digital critique
  • Project the images
  • After scoring has occurred, sort the projected images into the 8, 8 1/2, and 9-point categories for summary viewing at the end of the evening
  • Collate and publish the results for the web site
  • At the end of the year, collate and publish the cumulative results

Interested? Please email: showcasescritiques@cameraclublwv.org

Showcase Presentations Committee

Recruit for and organize Showcase presentations.

The 2nd Vice President has the responsibility for getting the individuals lined up for the monthly presentations, coordinating and obtaining the information for publicity, and having the proper equipment available for the presentation. This is all done starting about 6 months prior to the date of the show.

Organize, review, select and direct the annual Digital Slide Show Competition.

Interested? Please email: showcasescritiques@cameraclublwv.org

Education Committee

This volunteer committee reviews and approves trainshowcasescritiques@cameraclublwv.orging curriculum, evaluates training presenters and schedules training classes and workshops.

Many of our workshop presenters, instructors, and training assistants are volunteer members of your Camera Club.

If you have experience in developing or presenting training classes, have already developed training classes that you would like to offer to club members, or have developed a workshop of approximately one and one half to two hours that you would like to present, please email us with a brief description of your experience and educational product.

Interested? Please email: education@cameraclublwv.org

Publicity Committee

Obtain, edit, and submit material on club activities and events and submit it to the Globe, web site, Facebook page, and Village TV.

Interested? Please email: publicity@cameraclublwv.org

Hospitality Committee

Staffs the “Member Welcome table” at our Showcases and Critiques, greeting and registering our guests as they arrive at these events.

Organize, set up, and serve refreshments for Showcase meetings.

Plan, promote, decorate, arrange for caterer and receive reservations for Holiday Dinner events.

Interested? Please email: cameraclub@cameraclublwv.org


If you need any assistance, please email cameraclub@cameraclublwv.org

Club volunteers photographed visitors at the Clubhouse 4 Bonanza in January 2023
Club volunteers photographed visitors at the Clubhouse 4 Bonanza in January 2023
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