Print Competitions

The Camera Club of Laguna Woods Village conducts two (2) Print Competitions per calendar year – one “Non-Scored”, and one “Scored”.

  • Current Club members in good standing are eligible to submit
  • Print competitions occur in-person at Clubhouse 4, in the Photo Lab Educational Classroom
  • Attendance is open to ALL residents of Laguna Woods Village, and their guests
  • Print competitions are judged by a professional photographer
  • Club members attend for free
  • Non-members pay a $5 donation fee at the door, day of the event

The purpose of the “Non-Scored” competition is to encourage more members to submit images, and experience a critique oriented toward learning and improvement.

The “Scored” print competition awards winning prints in each category. Points awarded do not accrue to Year End Competition totals.

Print Competitions 2024


The first “Non-Scored” Print Competition in Club history had 19 participants with 27 excellent printed images submitted.

View Images from the 2024 Non-Scored Print Competition.



Submission Deadline: Wednesday July 31st, 4PM

The 2nd Print Competition of 2024 is a “Scored” competition. Points awared are not counted towards the Year End Competition.

will be provided in the near future.

View the Submission Rules 2024 Scored Print Competition

Previous Print Competitions

  • 2023 Print Competition

    The 2023 Print Competition had 10 Club members submit 36 images.

    View the 2023 Member Print Competition (Scored).

  • 2022 Print Competition
    The 2022 Slide Show Competition was not held due to Covid-19.
  • 2021 Print Competition
    The 2021 Slide Show Competition was not held due to Covid-19.


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