The Club on Village TV

Laguna Woods Village TV reserves two time-slots each week for the Camera Club: 11:30 AM Wednesdays for half an hour, and 10:30-11:00AM Saturdays.

These time periods allow our members to show several short shows, or one or two long shows. These shows are also often posted on YouTube and enjoy a nice following both by residents and persons outside of the Village.

The club also appears on other Village TV shows for interviews and special occasions.

Joel Goldstein is the Club liaison for Village TV. If you want to offer work for this fun program or to answer any questions, contact Joel at:

September 2023
“Remembering Maui”

The September subject will be “Remembering Maui” – scenes of the land and seascapes, the flora and fauna, and the adventures to be had there; some lost but not forgotten.
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August 2023
Camera Club 2023 Slide Show Highlights

Clips from slide shows submitted to this years competition. Beautiful and thoughtful work.
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April 2023
Camera Club interview highlights our new website, Club activities and facilities

Joel Goldstein interviewed on Village TV “This Day”, hosted by Lisa Hart
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January 2023
2022 Annual Awards Submissions & Winning Images

Presented by Joel Goldstein
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December 2022
Member Submissions Last 3 Digital Critiques of 2022

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November, 2022
Aquadettes Water Follies

Presented by Joel Goldstein

The Aquadettes 2022 Aqua Follies as captured by Joel Goldstein of the Camera Club, accompanied by stirring music. The Aquadettes are a synchronized swimming team club in Laguna Woods Village.

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October, 2021
Flowers from Here and There

Presented by Joel Goldstein

A showing of 164 kinds of flowers from around the United States and Europe, accompanied by Mozart sonatas. All photos in this 30-minute program were taken by Joel Goldstein. You are invited to relax and enjoy the beauty and variety of nature.

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September, 2021
Follow My Footsteps

Presented by Don Hill

Join Villager Don Hill as he journeys through his day, visiting his family in Arizona, Dana Point, and the flora of Laguna Woods. You’ll be captivated by his creativity. The running time for this video is a little over 28 minutes. You can access it at the following address:

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July, 2021
Slide Show Competition

Presented by Club Members

This show contains the seven entries of the annual Club slideshow competition. It is compelling photography and creativity in three countries and 7 different styles. The running time is approximately 30 minutes.

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May, 2021
European River Cruise

Presented by Ken Furuta

This video is Ken’s spectacular river cruise through beautiful Europe.

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April, 2021
African Safari

Presented by Louise Stuart

This beautiful video by Louise, presents her Safari adventure.

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March, 2021
Motorcycle Adventure through Mexico

Presented by David Dearing

David takes us on a colorful, musical motorcycle adventure from Mexico City to Cancun with stops in Cuetzalan, Oaxaca, Chichen Itza, and Manahual.

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February, 2021
Death Valley and The Wedge

Presented by George and Bette Harper

George and Bette take you to two amazing places, The Wedge and Death Valley, accompanied by stirring music.

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