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Year-End Awards

In November, a panel of three professional Judges awarded winners in each Category, plus “Best of Show” and Special Judge’s Awards. The winners were disclosed at the Awards Dinner on December 11, 2023.

The three Judges for this competition were Tim Mathiesen, Larry Vogel, and Lin Craft..

All awarded images are displayed in the “Awards Gallery” at the top of this page, and are listed below by award and category. All other images are displayed in the “Other Submitted Images” Gallery at the bottom of this page.

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2022 Year-End Images
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2023 Year-end Submissions and Awardees with Music (Online MP4)

Scores by Category

Entries and scores are available in the following PDF files, grouped by Category.

Best In Show

  • Myra Posner, Nature’s Curves

Judges Awards

  • Lara Ferraro – Keeping Watch
  • Raymond LaBelle – Heart
  • Mike Bray – Surfer’s Delight


  • First Place: Lara Ferraro – Gone Fishing
  • Second Place: Larry Goodman – Red Fox of Pt. Furman Lighthouse
  • Third Place: Raymond LaBelle – Heart
  • Third Place: Mike Bray – Surfer’s Delight
  • Third Place: Ken Furuta – Contemplation
  • Fourth Place: Susan Brown-Matsumoto – Pencil Me This
  • Fourth Place: George Harper – Angry Bird
  • Fourth Place: Myra Posner – In The Bag


  • First Place: Myra Posner – Nature’s Curves
  • Second Place: Lara Ferraro – Morning Catch
  • Third Place: Ken Furuta – The Center for Brain Health
  • Third Place: Larry Goodman – Morning Breakfast
  • Fourth Place: Susan Brown-Matsumoto – Cool As A Cucumber
  • Fourth Place: George Harper – Reaching for the Clouds

Special Subject & Artistic Expression

  • First Place: George Harper – Big Leaves – Artisitic Expression<
  • SecondPlace: Lara Ferraro – On The Edge – Minimalism
  • Second Place: Mike Bray – Wedge Wipeout – Water
  • Third Place: Larry Goodman – Supermoon Rising Over Laguna Beach – Artistic Expression
  • Fourth Place: Ken Furuta – Clearing The Rails – Artisitic Expression
  • Fourth Place: Lawrie Bau – Playful Dolphins – Artisitic Expression
  • Fourth Place: Bette Harper – All Alone – Minimalism

Overall High Points

  • George Harper

Pictorial Points

  • First Place: George Harper
  • Second Place: MLarry Goodman
  • Third Place: Ken Furuta
  • Four Place: Lara Ferraro

Monochrome Points

  • First Place: Larry Goodman
  • Second Place: George Harper
  • Third Place: Pat Patti
  • Four Place: Bette Harper

Special Subject & Artistic Expression Points

  • First Place: George Harper
  • Second Place: Mike Bray, Ken Furuta (tie)
  • Third Place: Bette Harper
  • Four Place: Susan Brown-Matsumoto

All Submitting Members (15)

  • Mark Austin
  • Mike Bray
  • Rodney Cooper
  • Lara Ferraro
  • Ken Furuta
  • Larry Goodman
  • Bette Harper
  • George Harper
  • Raymond LaBelle
  • Mary Madden
  • Susan Brown-Matsumoto
  • Pat Patti
  • Myra Posner
  • Hilla Sadri


Other Submitted Images

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