Photo Lab

Located at Clubhouse 4, our Photo Lab has a wide range of equipment and supplies for use by Camera Club Members and Laguna Woods Village residents.The Lab provides Mac computers, tools for scanning slides, photo, and prints, several versions of professional software for editing and creating digital images, three photo-quality printers, mat cutting tools, and more.

Lab hours: 10:00AM–2:00PM Monday-Friday. Tuesdays until 8PM.

Supervisors are available during open hours to provide guidance as needed.

Download this Supervisors PhotoLab Schedule listing their names, time slots, and contact information.

The Photo Lab is located in Clubhouse #4, Laguna Woods Village:
View Map from Gate 5 on el Toro (PDF 585 KB)

Location of Photo Lab at Clubhouse 4

The Digital Photo Lab

The Lab is equipped with three computers loaded with cuurent Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, and other software, including Topaz, for editing images. Our three printers can be accessed from any of these three computers.

Scanning Room

The Fred Grainger Learning Center classroom at the Lab is dedicated to scanning slides, prints, and negatives. There is an excellent professional level Nikon scanner and an easy to use Kodak scanner for slides and negatives. The Club has an Epson flat bed scanner and batch print scanner for print scanning.


Printing on our professional printers is available to Camera Club members during open hours. Print sizes range from 4″x6″ up to 44″ wide, as supplies are available.

Guidance for using the printers is available from the Supervisor on duty.

CelCamLab Program

Our “CelCamLab” program is intended for printing photos from Laguna Woods Village Resident’s cell phone. These prints can be any size from 4″ x 6″ for $1.00 each, up to 8″ x 10″ at $2.00 per print, payable to the Camera Club.

Laguna Woods Village Residents must come into the Lab with their phone and have the supervisor help them print their images.

Residents may also text the Lab to make an appointment: 1-310-770-7371
(no direct phone calls pls).

Please note that this service is only available to Laguna Woods Village Residents.

Send your CelCam photos to

Bring Thumbdrives

Be sure to bring your images to the Digital Photo Lab on a removable Flash Disk, and store all your work onto this removable media when you end your session; images and files left on the computers will be deleted periodically.

Film Dark Room

There is a Film Dark Room available, equipped with an enlarger/lens for printing, and a wet area for developing. Various essential dark room tools are provided to help with both processes.Scheduling required to use this lab resource.

Email the Photo Lab at


The Mat Cutting Room is equipped with tools and some supplies for cutting mats and prints, and for mounting prints. This includes dry heat-press machines. There is also a copy stand with lights.


Print and supply fees are dependant on the print size, and items used, but are very reasonable.

For example, “CelCamLab” prints , available for all Laguna Woods Residents, are only $2.00 each, for 8″ x 10″ prints.

Payments can be cash, or credit card at the time of usage.


Our supervisors will help you get started, or work with you for every step of your projects.

Visitors to the Lab donate above material fees in appreciation of this support and to help maintain the Lab.

Tutoring in the Photo Lab
LWV resident, and Camera Club member, Jim Magstadt with his images.
Prints made at the Lab – just as bright as originally photographed.
(c) Jim Magstadt, 2023


The Club has some informative guidelines on using the facility and resources.

All documents are PDFs, ranging from 1/2 MB – 3 MB file size.

Resources List

    3 Macs that have printing capability by ethernet
    The Epson P900 printer can output up to 17in wide prints from either roll or sheet paper.
    The Epson P9000 can output up to 44” wide prints by whatever length you want, also roll or sheet paper.
    We use Photoshop as our primary print engine and use Lightroom and Bridgefor bulk image review.
    The Nikon 35mm scanner can scan at any resolution you need for social media or large format printing. The Kodak scanner is great for everyday use, including medium size prints.
    We have Epson flatbed print scanners that will handle 10″ X 12”.
    And a new Epson 680 multi format print scanner that handles 2” to 8” width prints.
    Bainbridge Studio Matt cutter will handle 20 X 32 Matt board.
    Limited color stock or bring your own. Prices are approximate $1.00/sq ft.
    Bring your own camera to mount on our lighted copy stand and photograph your artwork.
    Bring your own card reader and memory stick.
    8X10 is our max size. Bring in your passport photos and we can laminate them for you.
    We have temperature corrected lighting for your next glamour shot.
    Schedule in advance.
    Bring your own camera, card reader and memory stick.
    Smaller group class size (6-10).
    Photoshop and Lightroom classes are usually conducted several times a year.
    Check the Workshps & Classes section of the Education page.
    2 enlargers, so bing your own chemicals, papers and film to process and print.
    Scheduling in advance is required.
    A wide range of photography instructional books for both analog and digital processes, creative and conceptual writings, and many “photo” books covering a wide range of styles and photographers.


If you need any assistance, please email

Tutoring in the Photo Lab
MAC Computer
Dell PC Monitor
Epson 9000 Printer
All the Matt Cutters
Copy Stand
Heat Presses