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Year-End Awards

In November, a panel of three professional Judges awards winners in each Category, plus “Best of Show” and Special Judge’s Awards. The winners were disclosed at the Awards Dinner on January 5, 2023.

The three Judges for this competition were Jim Selkin, Tim Mathieson, and Lin Craft.

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2022 Year-End Images (PDF: 55 MB).
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2022 Year-end Submissions and Awardees with Music (Online mp4)

Awards & High Scoring Images

Images were scored First, Second, Third, and Fourth place per category. All awarded images are displayed in the gallery at the top of this page, and are listed below by award and category.

2022 Year-End Competition Scores (PDF, 0.25MB)

Best In Show

  • George Harper, Just Skimming Along
  • Russ Lazar, I Wish I Were Blue – Red


  • First Place: George Harper, Just Skimming Along
  • Second Place: Mike Bray, Tastes Great!
  • Second Place: Lara Ferraro, Hi Mom
  • Second Place: Ken Furuta, An Aggressive Turn
  • Second Place: Russ Lazar, Keeping an Eye on You
  • Third Place: Larry Goodman, Wrapped In Wings
  • Fourth Place: Bette Harper, Can’t You See I’m Eating


  • First Place: Larry Goodman, I Am Coming For You
  • Second Place: Lawrie Bau, Pointing Up
  • Second Place: George Harper, Coachwork Excellence
  • Third Place: Lara Ferraro, Hello
  • Third Place: Bette Harper, How To Build A Steinway
  • Fourth Place: Mike Bray, Seen Better Days
  • Fourth Place: Ken Furuta, Drifting into the Unknown
  • Fourth Place: Russ Lazar, Out on a Limb

Special Subject & Artistic Expression

  • First Place: Susan Brown-Matsumoto, Buzz Off – Action
  • First Place: Russ Lazar, I Wish I Were Blue – Red
  • Second Place: George Harper, Leading the Pack – Action
  • Third Place: Mike Bray, The Staircase – Artistic Expression
  • Third Place: Ken Furuta, Scarlet Overpass – Artistic Expression
  • Third Place: Larry Goodman, Crystal Cove Sunset – Artistic Expression
  • Third Place: Mary Madden, Whole Lot of Shakin’ Going On – Action-Motion
  • Third Place: Louise Stuart, Kanoa Igarashi US Open – Action
  • Fourth Place: Bette Harper, Blossoms of Springtime – Artistic Expression
  • Fourth Place: Esther Spektor, Walking Through – Red

Judges Awards

  • Russ Lazar – Damn Feather Again
  • Lara Ferraro – Dinnertime
  • Joel Goldstein – Dragonfly Resting


Color Pictorial

  • First Place: Ken Furuta
  • Second Place: Mike Bray
  • Third Place: George Harper
  • Four Place: Susan Brown


  • First Place: Bette Harper, George Harper, Ken Furuta (tie)
  • Second Place: Mike Bray
  • Third Place: Susan Brown-Matsumoto
  • Four Place: Lawrie Bau

Special Subject & Artistic Expression

  • First Place: Mike Bray
  • Second Place: Ken Furuta and George Harper (tie)
  • Third Place: Bette Harper
  • Four Place: Lawrie Bau

Overall High Points

  • Ken Furuta



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