Print Competition 2023

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Print Competition 2023

The year’s Print Competition was held in the Clubhouse #4 Photography Education classroom. Ten (10) members entered a total of 36 prints this year. This is up from seven (7) participating members last competition.

Competition Scores

Entries and scores are available in this PDF file, grouped by Category. Print Competition Scores


All images had to have been photographed and printed by the Club member. Up to 5 images were allowed for each member, in these three categories:
  • Artistic Expression: 1 image
  • Color Pictorial: 2 images
  • Monochrome: 2 images
Artistic Expression
This category encompasses images made using a broad range of creative photographic methods. All images must be original and may not incorporate elements produced by anyone else. Artwork or computer graphics generated by the entrant may be incorporated if the original photographic content predominates. Images may not be constructed entirely within a computer. Any subject matter is acceptable. Artistic Expression images are judged both for their technical and pictorial merit.
Color Pictorial
No limitations on subject matter or techniques used for image capture or post processing if the result is an image that could have existed in reality.
Prints may be black and white or toned. Toning must be a single tone over the entire print. Prints with color in a single spot or in separate areas do not qualify as monochromatic. The Judge for this competition was Jim Selkin


The Judge awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place to images for each category. There were ties, and not all categories had a 3rd place awarded. Details of the Judge’s scoring are listed in the “Print Competition Scores” PDF linked above.

Artistic Expression

  • Mike Bray – Thirsty Pigeon – Tie 3rd place
  • George Harper – Ghost Rider
  • Russ Lazar – Hyper Speed
  • Jack Salvador – Inner Blue – Tie 3rd place
  • Madeline Schwarz – Adrift but Never Alone – 1st place
  • Esther Spektor – Summer Sonata – 2nd place

Color Pictorial

  • Mike Bray – Flower Inspection – Tie 2nd place
  • Mike Bray – Playtime
  • Betsy Cobb-Seliga – The Caretaker
  • Betsy Cobb-Seliga – The Rumble
  • David Emig – Embarcadero Morning
  • George Harper – Cliff Swallow
  • George Harper – Hoi-An Vietnam
  • Russ Lazar – You ‘Nay’ the Silliest Things – Tie 1st place
  • Russ Lazar – Hoofin’ It
  • Mary Madden – Icelandic Stampede< - Tie 1st place
  • Mary Madden – Kalahari Morning
  • Jack Salvador – Shogun Queen
  • Jack Salvador – Sitar Man
  • Madeline Schwarz – San Juan Capistrano Mission
  • Terry Schwarz – Carousel Horses – Tie 2nd place
  • Esther Spektor – Dutch Classic


  • Mike Bray – Surf Master – Tie 2nd place
  • Betsy Cobb-Seliga – Twisted Trees
  • David Emig – Sentimental Journey
  • George Harper – It’s the Water
  • George Harper – Mustang
  • Russ Lazar – Condiments
  • Russ Lazar – A Kick in the Head – Tie 1st place
  • Jack Salvador – Like Sisters
  • Jack Salvador – Mr Taj
  • Madeline Schwarz – Old Friends – Tie 1st place
  • Madeline Schwarz – Never Stop Dreaming
  • Esther Spektor – Wonderful Journey
  • Esther Spektor – Dancing Rope – Tie 2nd place

All Submitting Members (10)

  • Mike Bray
  • David Emig
  • George Harper
  • Russ Lazar
  • Mary Madden
  • Jack Salvador
  • Betsy Cobb-Seliga
  • Madeline Schwarz
  • Terry Schwarz
  • Esther Spektor