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February Critique for “Newbies”

The Critique this month was a special “Newbies” Critique – only members who had never submitted to a Club Critique, or who had not done so for more than 12 months, was elibible to submit.

No scores were given – the Judge advised the photographers on how to possibly improve their images, and how to prepare for scored Critiques.

Six (6) members participated (view list).

A total of seventeen (17) images were submitted: all Non-Scored.

The Judge this month was Rick Graves.

All images submitted for the Critique are displayed above.

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Critique Images by Category

Images in the galleries are identified by the category in which they were submitted.
(Altered Reality = “A”, Monochrome = “M”, Nature = “N”, Open Color = “O”, Sports = “S”, Special Subject = “SS”)

Entries are available in the following PDF files, grouped by Category.

  • Altered Reality
  • Monochrome
  • Nature
  • Open Color
  • Sports
  • Special Subject: “Curves”
    “Curves within photographic images can add a dynamic and aesthetic aspect to the composition. Either incorporated within the internal structure of an image, or as a captured object, shape, or pattern, curves are often a powerful element in photography. “Curved lines photography” can capture and highlight the beauty of bent shapes and lines in various objects, or curves can deliberately guide the eye to a specific area. Curves can be implied, or partial, or replicate known shapes like the letter “C”, or the letter “S”, which In painting, is know as the “the line of beauty”, an S-curve line that travels back and forth horizontally through an image as the eye proceeds vertically through the scene. Create a photograph that utilizes curves.”.

The Judge this month was Rick Graves.

High Scoring Images

There were no high scoring images, as the Critique was a “Non-Scoring” event.

Altered Reality

  • John Moule – Evening at the 73
  • Janice Hirano – painted flowers
  • Diane Hall – Polarized Curves


  • Kathleen Tighe – Union Station


  • Kathleen Tighe – Firey Poppy
  • Michael Kaizoji – Float Trip
  • Janice Hirano – KOI_FISH
  • Diane Hall – Meandering Creek bed
  • Myrna Keitges – Mirror Image

Open Color

  • Kathleen Tighe – Colorful Ringling Mansion
  • Janice Hirano – Colors
  • Diane Hall – Pondering Life
  • John Moule – Taj


  • No Sports submissions

Special Subject: “Curves”

  • Kathleen Tighe – Beach Shadows
  • Michael Kaizoji – Bridge
  • Janice Hirano – ClubHouse-1
  • Diane Hall – Spiral

All Submitting Members (28)

  • Diane Hall
  • Janice Hirano
  • Michael Kaizoji
  • Myrna Keitges
  • John Moule
  • Kathleen Tighe