Print Competition 2024

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Print Competition 2024: Non-Scored

The competition was held May 4th, in-person, at Clubhouse #4 in the Photo Lab Education classroom.

Attendance was open to ALL residents of Laguna Woods Village, and their guests.

Thirteen (13) members entered a total of 27 prints this competition.

Competition Evalution

The purpose of the “Non-Scored” competition is to encourage more members to submit images, and experience a Critique oriented toward learning and improvement.

Maker’s names remain anonymous until after judging.

The Judge was Larry Vogel, a well-known photographer, and long-time friend of the Camera Club.


All images were required to be images photographed by the submitting Club member. For this competition, the printing was allowed to be made “by others”. although the Club preferred prints to be made by the photographer.

Non-Scored Print Competition 2024 Rules & Guidelines

Submitting Members

  • Mike Bray
  • Betsy Cobb-Seliga
  • Russ Lazar
  • Keith Leonin
  • Mary Madden
  • Penni Rubin
  • Jack Salvador