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September Critique

The Critique this month had 23 members participate (view list).

81 total images were submitted: 81 Scored, 0 Non-Scored.

The Judge this month was Susan Coppock.

High scoring images are displayed above, “Other Submitted Images” are displayed below.

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Critique Scores by Category

Images in the galleries are identified by the category in which they were submitted.
(Artistic Expression = “A”, Monochrome = “M”, Pictorial = “P”, Special Subject = “S”)

Entries and scores are available in the following PDF files, grouped by Category.

The Judge this month was Susan Coppock – see her on Instgram (@susancoppockphoto)

High Scoring Images

High scoring images were awarded by the Judge. “High scoring” images are displayed at the top of this page, and are listed below by Category, in alphabetical order by the Maker’s name.

Artistic Expression

  • Mike Bray – Speedster
  • Ken Furuta – Valley of Fire
  • Larry Goodman – Supermoon Rising Over Laguna Beach
  • George Harper – Inle Lake Fisherman
  • Jack Salvador – Where We Wend


  • Brad Friesen – Noguchi Pyramid at Night
  • Ken Furuta – The Center for Brain Health


  • Mike Bray – Surfer’s delight
  • Susan Brown Matsumoto – Pencil Me This
  • Ken Furuta – Locked On
  • Ken Furuta – Scanning the Shore
  • George Harper – Fun at the Wedge
  • Pat Patti – Castle Steps
  • Jack Salvador – Ruby Shadow

Special Subject: Water

  • Mike Bray – The Pier
  • Marilyn Crichton – Eye to Eye
  • John Cornell – Cellphone Capture
  • Larry Goodman – Catch Me Daddy
  • Myra Posner – Hello Down There!
  • Jack Salvador – Spellbound
  • Arnold Silverman – Catch Me If You Can

All Submitting Members (23)

  • Anonymous – Unscored (0)
  • Lawrie Bau
  • Mike Belfield
  • Mike Bray
  • Rodney Cooper
  • Marilyn Crichton
  • Lara Ferraro
  • Brad Friesen
  • Ken Furuta
  • Joel Goldstein
  • Larry Goodman
  • Bette Harper
  • George Harper
  • Violet Kong
  • Raymond LaBelle
  • Monica Lu
  • Mary Madden
  • Susan Brown-Matsumoto
  • Pat Patti
  • Myra Posner
  • Hilla Sadri
  • Jack Salvador
  • Arnold Silverman
  • Jung Walker


Other Submitted Images

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