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The Camera Club organizes a wide range of events each year, from instructional and entertaining presentations, to regularly scheduled Critiques and competitions, to dinners, social hours and workshops.

This page first lists the Club special events, followed by a list of Club recurring events.

To access detailed information and schedules for Club recurring events such as Critiques, Showcases, and Educational classes/workshops, you can also click the navigation menus at the top of every page, or the footer links at the bottom of every page.

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July 10: Annual Slide Show Competition

The Annual Slide Show Competition is scheduled in Summer each year. Unique slide-shows created by Club Members are presented for voting (secret) by fellow Club members attending this event. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards are presented.

The 2021 Slide Show Competition had seven entries of creative, compelling photography spanning three countries and seven different styles. 2021 Member Slide Shows.

The 2022 Slide Show Competition was not held due to Covid-19.

The 2023 Slide Show Competition had a strong showing of 12 shows, and one memorial.

View all the entries here – 2023 Member Slide Shows.

Pat Wilkinson created a memorial in honor of John Maloof, long-time highy-respected member of the Club.

Tom Getz’s “Time for Clocks”, showcased clock towers from more than twenty (20) countries, “out-traveling” all the other 2021-2023 shows put together!

Esther’s “Tulips Time” displayed beautiful tulip still life imagery.

Patti’s “Drops” captured patterns and worlds within water drops.

Russ’s “Wild Horses” was an imagery and print tour-de-force of wild mustangs and the landscape they inhabit.

Top Score: Patti Patti, “Drops”
2nd Score: Esther Spektor, “Tulips Time”
3rd Score: Russ Lazar, “Wild Horses”

All entries:
01- “Faces of Asia” (Pat Burr)
02 – “Bird Park” (Hilla Sadri)
03 – “The Boys” (George Harper)
04 – “Cute” (Tom Getz)
05 – “Randsburg” (Esther Spektor)
06 – “Wild Horses” (Russ Lazar)
07 – “Halloween” (Hilla Sadri)
08 – “Oregon in 2022” (Mike Bray)
09 – “Time for Clocks” (Tom Getz)
10 – “Tulips Time” (Esther Spektor)
11- “Never Again” (Pat Burr)
12 – “Drops” (Patti Patti)

Read the Submission Guidelines (PDF)

August 19: Annual Print Competition

This year’s competition was held as a live event in Clubhouse 4, with Judge Jim Selkin evaluating the prints and awarding 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each of the three categories.

You can see all the images submitted (36) along with the results of the scoring and awards on the competition web page.

Go to the Print Competition web pqge.

Read the Submission Guidelines

Previous Print Competitions

Due to Covid-19, the Print Competition event was not held in 2022.

View the 2021 Print Competition (YouTube)

October 9: “Club Night” Membership Meeting

The next all members meeting is scheduled for October 9th in Clubhouse 7, 6:30-8:00PM.

Details will be sent by email to all members closer to the date.

This month’s presentation will be from Barry Evans, who will be talking about camera equipment from his unique perspective as Manager of SAMYS Camera in Santa Anna.

During the rest of the meeting, members can view and discuss prints by Club members on designated “print tables”, there will be a “sell table” for members to trade/sell equipment, the Board and Committee Chairs will be available, and a good amount of time will be available to relax with friends and talk all things photography – all while enjoying refreshments.

November 9th/18th: Year-End Image Competition

In November of every year, there is a year end image competition with three judges to select the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each category for prints and digital images.

Submission deadine this year is November 9th, with judging occuring anonoymously on November 18th.

An email flyer will full details on categories, and submission guidelines will be sent in early fall of 2023.

The results of the competition are with-held until the annual Club Dinner Celebration.

December 11: Year-End Awards Competition & Dinner

Club members gather in Clubhouse 7 to socialize, celebrate another year of photography, and to share dinner together.

Awards from the Year-End Image Competition are announced.

Also announced at the dinner, are the winners for aggregate totals points in the digital image and print Critiques for the entire year 2023. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each category are presented awards.

December 11: Lydia Savedoff Award

Awarded annually to the person with a combination of service to the Camera Club as well as participation in various Critiques that goes well beyond the norm.

The award is presented at the annual Year-End Awards Competition & Dinner.

To see past winners, and to learn more about this award, go to the Lydia Savedoff Award Page.

Field Trips & Buddy Shoots

The Club is in the process of organzing field trips, and photo “buddy-shoots”. Look for Club email announcments for more details.

The September 11th all members meeting – Clubhouse 7, 6:30-8:00PM – will help kick off these new features of our Club.

Interested in helping with social events, send us an email.

Education Workshops & Classes

Workshops and classes are provided each year on a wide range of subjects. Both Club Members and professional photographers host these events.

Free to Club members, with a fee for non-members, usually $5-$10 for a single class event. Classes that occur over several weeks, may have other charges for both members and non-members.

View the Education Page for schedules and details.

The Club Calendar lists all our scheduled events.


The Club hosts six (6) Digital Critiques per year, concluding with a highly competitive Year-End Competition. Each critique has three categories, and one special subject category.

View the Critiques Page for schedules and guidelines,


The Camera Club ”Brings the World to the Village” with Showcases, featuring photography of both Club Members and professional photographers. Showcases range from spectacular personal adventures captured around the world, to informative “how-to” presentations on the techniques and art of photography.

Charitable & Volunteer Events

Camera Club members help Village groups and local instituations with volunteer photography – and help promote the Club in local publications!

To learn more, visit the Other Events Page.

Club Calendar

Keep track of all the Camera Club happenings on our Club Calendar

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