Club Submissions: OC Gallery

Camera Club Submissions

Seventeen (17) Club Members have submitted a total of 75 images for consideration.

Note, some images employ specialty processes, i.e. – dark room prints from “pin-hole” camera photos.

Image Details

All images are titled, and almost all images have the PRINT size labeled in inches.

Some images also provide overall size after framing.

Evalutating Images

Images are to be evaluated as to their suitability to display in the OC Camera Gallery.

This is not a scored competition, but a simple “Yes” or “No” judgement.

A printed form is provided listing the images by title, and size, in the sequential order these images display in the web site gallery.

The form provides a column for each of the Judges to comment and/or scores, as they wish.

Final approvals are to be determined either by vote or consensus, whichever method the Judges prefer.

Allocation of Images

Once the list of approved images is finalized, Club members will be notified of the status of their images.

The show will be compiled by a “Round” system, whereby members will be allowed inclusion of ONE approved image per round, until the number of images that can be physically displayed in the Gallery has been reached.

Uneven allocations in last “round” will be determined by a random selection of the images available.