Slideshow Competions

The Camera Club of Laguna Woods Village conducts a Slideshow Competition once a year in late summer.

Current Club members are eligible to submit. Members create compelling shows using their own photographs, and a limited amount of video (30 seconds).

Slideshow Competition 2024

MONDAY July 15, 6:30-8:30PM, Clubhouse 7

The entire program lasts from 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes, and consists of approximately 13-17 slide shows.

Accepted shows are presented anonymously to the member audience, who then vote on their favorites. First, second, and third place finishers will be recognized, and awarded. All the maker’s names are announced after the voting.

Competitions are held in Clubhouse 7.

Camera Club members attend for free, non-members pay a $5 donation at the door.

Attendance to the competition is open to ALL residents of Laguna Woods Village, and their guests. All audience members are allowed to vote.

Submission Rules

Participants must follow these rules carefully. These rules apply only for 2024.

2024 Slideshow Competition Submission Rules (PDF, June 14, V1)

Submission deadline this year is Wednesday July 10th, 4PM

Previous Slideshow Competitions

  • 2023 Slideshow Competition

    The 2023 Slide Show Competition had a strong showing of 12 shows, and one memorial.

    View all the entries here – 2023 Member Slide Shows.

    Pat Wilkinson created a memorial in honor of John Maloof, long-time highy-respected member of the Club.

    Tom Getz’s “Time for Clocks”, showcased clock towers from more than twenty (20) countries, “out-traveling” all the other 2021-2023 shows put together!

    Esther’s “Tulips Time” displayed beautiful tulip still life imagery.

    Patti’s “Drops” captured patterns and worlds within water drops.

    Russ’s “Wild Horses” was an imagery and print tour-de-force of wild mustangs and the landscape they inhabit.

    Top Score: Patti Patti, “Drops”
    2nd Score: Esther Spektor, “Tulips Time”
    3rd Score: Russ Lazar, “Wild Horses”

    All entries:
    01- “Faces of Asia” (Pat Burr)
    02 – “Bird Park” (Hilla Sadri)
    03 – “The Boys” (George Harper)
    04 – “Cute” (Tom Getz)
    05 – “Randsburg” (Esther Spektor)
    06 – “Wild Horses” (Russ Lazar)
    07 – “Halloween” (Hilla Sadri)
    08 – “Oregon in 2022” (Mike Bray)
    09 – “Time for Clocks” (Tom Getz)
    10 – “Tulips Time” (Esther Spektor)
    11- “Never Again” (Pat Burr)
    12 – “Drops” (Patti Patti)

  • 2022 Slideshow Competition
    The 2022 Slide Show Competition was not held due to Covid-19.

  • 2021 Slideshow Competition
    The 2021 Slide Show Competition had seven entries of creative, compelling photography spanning three countries and seven different styles. 2021 Member Slide Shows.


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